World Fish Migration Day – Angling Camps

Jun 3, 2016 | Outreach


Thanks to Chandan Gupta of Rogue Anglers, a group of 25 kids from Prochesta Foundation, an educational group dedicated to helping under-privileged kids reach higher goals, escaped the city to sample angling, and through the mediums of art and music, gain a better awareness of nature.


The facility at Rogue Anglers Carp Den offers accommodation and a beautiful dining area in which the off-bank activities were conducted.


Before the event even took place, West Bengal Minister of Fisheries, Sri Chandrinath Sinha, sent a personal message of thanks to Chandan for his part in facilitating this experience for the kids.

They, of course, were more interested in getting to grips with the fighting fish of Chandan’s lake complex. The fish are mainly Indian carps like rohu and mrigal, but there are also common carp stocked in the lake. Every one of the kids had a chance to catch and release a fish.



As was reported in our last newsletter, the event in Pune was fully-funded, thus allowing a group of kids from Sri Sai Seva to get onto a lake to try their hand at fishing and to take part in a range of other activities. It is always a pleasure to boost involvement, with both kids and adult helpers learning about the importance of fish and river conservation.


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