Thanking all anglers

Jul 3, 2015 | Team blog

The MT Team would like to thank all anglers that took part in the recreational angling survey.

As a result of your responses (over 1000 responses), the MT Team were able to publish the following article in the scientific journal Fisheries Research:

Gupta N, Raghavan R, Sivakumar K, Mathur V and Pinder A (2015) Assessing recreational fisheries in an emerging economy: Knowledge, perceptions and attitudes of catch-and-release anglers in India. Fisheries Research (165), 79-84.


Across the globe, catch-and-release (C&R) angling represents a leisure activity indulged by millions. The practice of C&R is commonly advocated by conservation managers because of its potential to protect local fish populations from a range of anthropogenic threats, including over-fishing. In India, C&R angling in fresh waters has a history dating back to colonial times. Despite this, little is known about the current state of the sector.

To address this, an online web-based survey was conducted to target C&R anglers who fish in Indian rivers to assess their knowledge, attitudes and perceptions relating to the status of India’s freshwater C&R fisheries. From a total of 148 responses used, factors such as angling quality (score of 4.6/5.0); aesthetics of surroundings (4.6/5.0), presence of other wildlife (4.4/5.0), fishery management practices (4.6/5.0) and socioeconomic benefits (4.4/5.0) were evaluated. Over 65% (n = 148) of the anglers reported an observed decrease in the quality of fishing (e.g. a reduction in the size and/or numbers of fish available for capture).

Respondents also considered deforestation (score of 4.2/5.0), water abstraction (4.4/5.0), pollution (4.4/5.0), hydropower projects (4.2/5.0) and destructive fishing techniques (4.7/5.0) as factors which threaten both the habitat and species they target. C&R practitioners were largely united regarding the benefits and willingness to contribute both their time and financial input to support conservation initiatives (score of 4.7/5.0).

The current study provides the first overview of the status of C&R angling in India and explores challenges, opportunities, and priorities for future resource management.

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