Anglers have always been in the best position to support and inform river and fish conservation. Data and photos from anglers are already: informing science research; leading Fishery Department decisions; helping to assign protection status to various species; helping local policy makers to control angling for the benefit of many stakeholders.

To facilitate research, we need photos of mahseer and other fish (and the environment) that live in and around mahseer venues. Close-up photos of details of mahseer are also very important. Fins and mouths are the most interesting, but any details are useful, especially if in conjunction with a full body shot and a record of fish length and weight. See the Photo Library page for more information.


Mahseer Details 1


Angler logs have recently proved invaluable in researching the numbers and size of mahseer present over a 15 year period at Galibore on the River Cauvery, South India. This has allowed us to publish our findings in a leading conservation journal (more details here). As you can imagine: surveying these huge monsoonal rivers with electric fishing apparatus and nets is not particularly effective. Difficulties in gaining access permissions coupled with limited resources mean that the angling community can play a vital contribution towards monitoring and conserving mahseer stocks. The data we require are as follows: venue; fishing effort (hours on the bank). Length and weight of individual fish (lengths should be taken from the tip of the snout to the fork of the tail); bait/method of capture and a clear photograph.


Mahseer Details 2


Please refer to our Mahseer Photobank and safe fish handling notes for further guidance.

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