Despite being among the world’s largest and most threatened freshwater fishes, mahseer have been afforded limited scientific attention in the past, with the ecology, taxonomic status and distributions of many species still unknown. Because such knowledge is fundamental to the conservation success of habitat and species management planning, the Mahseer Trust is committed to prioritising and addressing these knowledge gaps.

Working in close collaboration with international universities, research institutes and conservation organisations, our scientists have conducted and published their research findings in a number of high profile international scientific journals. In addition to learning more about the fish themselves, we continue to focus research effort on the quantification of population threats and attitudes and opportunities for community engagement in conservation practice. Examples of our research outputs can be found in the scientific publications library.

The Mahseer Trust is not limited in its man-power capacity to conduct research, but is constrained by funds. If you would like to support our research, please consider making a donation.

Research and Conservation articles

The battle for endemism

The battle for endemism

The challenges we face Steve Lockett reports on the 2015 field expedition to South India’s River Cauvery and highlights the current biodiversity threats associated with introducing artificially propagated non-indigenous mahseer species to a river. This was published...

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