New look Mahseer Trust prepares for a new era in river conservation

Aug 11, 2017 | Uncategorized

Welcome to a refreshed and raring-to-go Mahseer Trust!

Since becoming active in early 2013, the Trust has gone from strength to strength and has seen its research and outreach activities expand at pace across mahseer range countries.

With collaborative projects and organisation partnerships increasing and a transition to full charitable status in 2016, we felt the timing was appropriate to rebrand the Trust with a new logo and image to carry the charity and its work into the years ahead. Having commissioned a couple of designers within mahseer range countries and deliberated at length over the outputs, the logo we have decided to adopt represents the three elements of our tagline: Rivers, Fish, People. This design incorporates a human hand which also depicts a river cradling a mahseer, thus promoting the concept that the future of these essential resources lies in the hands of the human race.



To correspond with these branding changes, we are also excited to announce a number of strategic changes at Mahseer Trust board level. Ian Pett has been appointed as Mahseer Trust Chair for the next three years, Shannon Bower has been appointed as a Trustee (Director of Recreational Angling) and Steve Lockett has taken up a newly created position as Education and Outreach Officer. With the collective experience and enthusiasm of our new recruits, along with the existing team, you can expect to see further expansion of the Trust’s activities and political influence.

Thank you for your interest in the Mahseer Trust; if you would like to get involved in furthering our objectives, please consider joining our growing supporters, making a donation or contacting us to explore potential synergies and/or sponsorship opportunities.

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