MT helping schoolkids learn the importance of natural river processes

Feb 15, 2018 | Outreach

As part of #kaverimission, Mahseer Trust Officer for Education and Outreach – Steve Lockett, Trustee (India Regional Lead) – Derek D’Souza and volunteer – Claire Pinder have been engaging with young people in a variety of locations, demonstrating the importance of natural river processes using our interactive Emriver modelling table.

Mahseer Trust volunteer, Claire Pinder, explaining natural river processes to students at The Frank Anthony Public School in Bangalore

The Emriver table is a fantastic interactive tool to engage with people of all ages and backgrounds, to demonstrate the effect that different pressures can have on river form and function.

Students of all ages were eager to see the Emriver table in action and learn about the effects of human impacts on river processes

More than 600 students from The Frank Anthony Public School were present for the above learning experience, and the Mahseer Trust team have also travelled to other schools and venues, including the Mysore Natural History Museum.

Using a variety of different substrates, flows and other props (e.g. model houses, dams and forests), the Emriver modelling table is a great interactive tool to demonstrate human impacts on river processes

Mahseer Trust was delighted to receive the Emriver table fromĀ Little River Research and Design, whose interest in the work of the Mahseer Trust has enabled us to provide these opportunities to engage with and educate audiences throughout India and other mahseer range countries on the importance of looking after our river systems.

Visit our Facebook page to see videos and more photos of the Emriver table in action.

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