Mahseer Trust team publish first scientific paper on the conservation benefits of recreational angling

Jun 10, 2013 | Research & Conservation

A Pinder and R Raghavan (2013) Conserving the endangered Mahseers (Tor spp.) of India: the positive role of recreational fisheries. Current Science 104(11), 1472-1475


A third of all freshwater fishes globally are threatened with extinction making them one of the most important vertebrate groups in need of urgent conservation attention. Freshwater fishes are increasingly threatened by a range of factors, including habitat loss, overexploitation and biological invasions. Conserving freshwater fishes is therefore a complex challenge requiring a combination of proactive strategies, on a continuous and sustained basis. To be successful, conservation measures also require the political will of national and regional authorities, and the participation of local communities.

MT First Paper Angling

This paper was published in ‘Current Science’ and is available to view in full at

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