Mahseer Trust publishes new paper on water security in India

Sep 11, 2017 | Research & Conservation

One of the key challenges of conserving riverine fishes is ensuring adequate flows to support the ecological requirements of all species and life stages. Working with MT collaborator and ecosystem services expert Dr Mark Everard, MT Director of Research, Adrian Pinder, has just published a paper in Science of the Total Environment, which looks at the bigger picture of water security in the arid landscape of Rajasthan, India.



Using the Banas catchment as a case study, with transferability to other areas of water vulnerability, this research considers engineered solutions (storage reservoirs and diverted supplies) currently being used to meet the short term needs of urban society, against more holistic approaches to promote resource recharge and the longer-term water security of all catchment beneficiaries, including mahseer.



The paper is free to download for the next 50 days from this link:

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