Mahseer 2017 – a successful first international workshop on mahseer conservation

Apr 10, 2017 | Research & Conservation

The first international workshop on mahseer conservation ‘Mahseer 2017’ ended on Friday, with much encouragement to be taken from the three days, during which all aspects of mahseer conservation were discussed by a host of experts from around the globe.

A total of 60 delegates attended the conference, 16 of whom also joined an IUCN Red Listing and Conservation Scoping workshop on 4th, and 10 delegates plus 60 students of KUFOS attended an acoustic telemetry workshop by Stephanie Smedbol of Canadian company Vemco on the 7th.


Delegates at the Mahseer 2017 – International Workshop on Mahseer Conservation


Delegates came from Bhutan, Canada, Malaysia, Thailand, UK, Vietnam, and the majority from many states of India. The delegation’s specialities included fish taxonomy, behavioural science, invasive species, juvenile fish development, wetland ecosystem services, e-flows, education and outreach, forestry, fisheries and aquaculture, conservation legal frameworks, genetic studies, and angling.


Adrian Pinder, MT Director of research and International Relations, talks about the conservation status of the humpbacked mahseer


To see a brief summary report on the workshop, click on the link below:


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