Director of Science, Adrian Pinder, talks at IFM Sherry Evening

Oct 18, 2016 | Outreach

Faced with a room full of fishery professionals, Trust Director of Science, Adrian Pinder had to deliver a coherent and well-balanced presentation at the Institute Of Fisheries Management London Branch Sherry Evening on Monday 10th October. Titled “Hooked on Conservation: the role of recreational anglers in conserving the mighty mahseer”, the talk was followed by a showing of On the Trail of Mahseer, a 10 minute short film about one of the outreach programmes currently running on the River Cauvery, and a live question-and-answer session to finish off.


In the glamorous surroundings of Fishmonger’s Hall, next to London Bridge, an informal drinks and canapes meeting was followed by the sit-down talk. Adrian explained the background to the work of the Mahseer Trust and how angler data has been used to demonstrate the precarious existence of the hump-back mahseer of the River Cauvery.


Questions came thick and fast at the end of the presentation, with members of the audience wanting to know about the impact of dams, how social issues impact upon the work of the Trust, and what the outlook is for the iconic hump-back species, amongst many other topics.


Afterwards, it was generally agreed that the presentation had been one of the most informative ever given to the IFM Sherry Evening.

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