About the Mahseer Trust

Throughout the world, among sport anglers and wildlife enthusiasts, there is an enormous amount of admiration and respect for the “noble” Mahseer and it is our hope that many of these will wish to support the aims of the Trust. Although the Trust is based in the UK, we aim to work in partnership with conservation organisations in India, with Indian scientists and universities and, indeed, to engage worldwide, with individuals and organisations with an interest in Mahseer biology and conservation. By so doing, it is our hope and ambition that these great fishes will thrive and allow future generations to continue to appreciate their magnificence.

The Mahseer Trust has the following aims:

  • To advance scientific knowledge of mahseer taxonomy, biology and ecology;
  • To provide an interactive online resource for scientists, conservationists and anglers;
  • To seek funding to support international research and conservation programmes relating to mahseer;
  • To promote awareness of the conservation, and socio-economic benefits of sport angling;
  • To engage with all stakeholders and provide regular reporting of the activities of the Trust.

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On the Trail of Mahseer

On the Trail of Mahseer

The Mahseer Trust have just released a new video "On the Trail of Mahseer", a film that leads you through the journey of the river Kaveri (Cauvery) to its fish, The Mighty Mahseer. Various stakeholders of the river and the fish describe the magnificence of the...

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